The People’s Inquiry 2020

The Online Public Hearing was held 2-4 September 2021

Submissions have closed, but we still want to hear from you.

The People’s Inquiry Public Hearing

An online Public Hearing was held over 3 days in September 2021, where people shared their oral testimony on the impacts of toxic chemicals with a panel of independent Commissioners.  This included people whose health has been negatively affected, as well as scientists, researchers and advocates with important knowledge to share on the issues.

A recording of the Public Hearing has been archived on the Inquiry website and YouTube. The Hearing Schedule details who spoke and some of the various topics that were covered.

Read more in the Inquiry Briefing Document.

Climate Change

The Impact of toxic chemicals and poisons on our climate and environment is huge. Most are fossil fuel based and when used on land damage soil life resulting in leaching of carbon and prevention of carbon sequestration.

Interviews & Stories

Watch personal experiences shared by New Zealanders who have been affected by chemicals, as well as interviews with experts, researchers and others who have knowledge to share.


Sustainable, non-toxic, workable solutions that will help us shift away from harmful chemicals. Do you have workable solutions to share? Get in touch with us.

The Online Hearing

The public Online Hearing will take place in September 2021. People who have made a submission are invited to give oral testimony.


Help spread the word about the Inquiry by downloading and printing posters, flyers etc.

Support & Advocacy

Do you need support? Whether it is information or emotional support, there are people who can help.

Recent News


Rachel Carson “Silent Spring” 1963

“By their very nature, chemical controls are self-defeating, for they have been devised and applied without taking into account complex biological systems against which they have been blindly hurled. The chemicals may have been pretested against a few individual species, but not against living communities.”

About Us

An alliance focused on the environmental health of Aotearoa, New Zealand and her people. Read more about us here.

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Other Support

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