The Online Hearing

The Online Hearing was held September 2nd – 4th, 2021

The People’s Inquiry Hearing took place online over 3 days from September 2nd – 4th, 2021. At the Hearing independent Commissioners listened to submitter’s oral testimonies on the impacts of toxic chemicals. This included people whose health has been negatively affected as well as researchers, scientists, advocates and other experts with knowledge to share.

The Hearing Schedule details who gave oral testimony and some of the various topics that were covered. A recording of the Hearing is archived for the public record below.

As the Hearing is lengthy, we recommend watching on YouTube and using the time stamps in the description to jump from testimony to testimony. Thank you to all those that took part and all those that supported the Hearing. Further interviews can also be found on our YouTube Channel.

The People’s Inquiry Hearing

Day 1 Morning Session:
Day 1 Afternoon Session:

Topics covered: Hi-Cane, Kiwifruit, Orchard Spray Drift, Exposure to Glyphosate, Chronic Health Problems, Chemical Injury, Forestry Herbicides, Roadside Management with Chemicals, Social Impacts, Biosecurity, Health, Environment.

Day 2 Morning Session:
Day 2 Afternoon Session:

Topics covered: Treaty Of Waitangi, Matauranga Maaori, EPA Breaches, Consultation Issues, Dioxin Poisoning, Sawmill Workers Health Impacts, Conservation Poisons, 1080, Brodifacoum, Rahui, Collecting Evidence, Councils, DHBs, Charities Act.

Day 3 Morning Session:
Day 3 Afternoon Session:

Topics covered: History of Pesticide in Conservation/Wildlife, Cocktail of Chemicals Whareroa Marae, Case Against 1080, Failures of EPA, Glyphosate, Impact on Ecological Life, Fluoride & Glyphosate, People’s Inquiry, Climate, Human Rights, Nature Rights, Historical Patterns of Harm.

Ko matou he iwi wairua e heke mai Io Matua. Na ko matou he iwi kaitiaki.

We are a spiritual people descended from Io Matua (Supreme Parent), we are therefore the Guardians.

Whakatauki shared by Hira Hunapo-O’Callaghan

Register to attend the Online Hearing Sept 2nd – 4th.

The Public are encouraged to watch all or part of the 3-day online Hearing where survivors, advocates, scientists and researchers share their oral testimonies on the impacts of chemical poisons.

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