The Hearing

UPDATE: After much discussion about the implications, uncertainty and risks associated with the Covid19 virus, our committee has decided to postpone the Inquiry Hearing. We have decided to reschedule the Inquiry Hearing which is likely to take place in mid-2021.

The rationale behind our decision is that the risk of bringing together a large group of people, many of whom already have chronic health conditions, is just too great. Our priority is to ensure the safety and well being of all involved and as such we must follow The Precautionary Principle by adjusting our plans and avoiding any necessary risk. 

This change brings with it new opportunities which we believe will only benefit and increase the strength of this Inquiry. 


The People’s Inquiry Hearing will take place in Auckland, New Zealand. At the Hearing independent Commissioners will listen to submitter’s oral testimonies over a number of days. Several days will be allocated to those harmed by toxic chemicals or poisons, and those who have witnessed harm. One day will be allocated for experts, scientists and researchers and another for those with knowledge of, or working on safe, non-toxic solutions.

Those interested in giving oral testimony, but who may be unable to attend the Hearing in Auckland, are welcome to contact us. There may be other public events held around the country as part of the Inquiry that you can consider attending.

We will post news and information related to the Hearing on this page. Check back soon or register your interest in making a submission.

Ko matou he iwi wairua e heke mai Io Matua. Na ko matou he iwi kaitiaki.

We are a spiritual people descended from Io Matua (Supreme Parent), we are therefore the Guardians.

Whakatauki shared by Hira Hunapo-O’Callaghan

Register your interest in making a submission.

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