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Stephen Torrington Founder of More WisdomHear Our Voices

Press Releases

August 2020 – Fraudulent Consultation On Aerial 1080 Poisonings Continue To Cause Conflict

August 2020 – Residents And Iwi Oppose Aerial Poisoning Of Sacred Mount Pirongia And Its Waterways

July 2020 – Media Release: Glyphosate Risks To Human Health Ignored: Where Is The Duty Of Care?

June 2020 – Media Release: New Inquiry Into Impacts And Effects Of Toxic Chemicals Underway

December 2019 – Media Release: A paradigm shift in thinking towards a poison-free Aotearoa


April 2021 – The People’s Inquiry 2021 – Newsletter 5

December 2020 – The People’s Inquiry 2020 – Newsletter 4

November 2020 – The People’s Inquiry 2020 – Newsletter 3

August 2020 – The People’s Inquiry 2020 – Newsletter 2

June 2020 – The People’s Inquiry 2020 – Newsletter 1

Information on Toxic Chemicals & Poisons

The Pesticide Action Network International – List of highly hazardous pesticides 2019

Soil & Health Association of New Zealand on GLYPHOSATE

Glyphosate Science pdf

Glyphosate Makes Pets Sick pdf

Transition to Glyphosate Free Streets and Parks pdf

How Glyphosate is under-regulated pdf

More information can be found on the Soil & Health website including the Non-Toxic Neighbourhoods Initiative.

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