Submission Child

for both those negatively affected or harmed by chemical exposure or poisons, and those wishing to give evidence about their own experiences or situations they have witnessed.

Important Notes

  • You may change your consent to publish at any time by contacting us.
  • Written submissions will be kept by the Executive Committee until The Hearing in mid-2020 when they will be provided to Commissioners as part of the evidence of the Peoples Inquiry Hearing 2020.
  • After The Hearing is complete, written Submissions (where consent is given) will be catalogued and put into a public archive on this website, which will act as an historical repository. There maybe more People’s Inquiries in the future that will need to draw on these submissions for further evidence. 
  • The Commissioners of the People’s Inquiry 2020 will produce a report to be published on their findings and recommendations. You will be given a copy of this final report when it is ready.


We respect your privacy and want you to know you retain full control of your submission. NO identifying personal details will be published – except for your name if you have given consent to do so in the Consent to Publish form below. You can choose a pseudonym (pen name) if you prefer, and your real name will be kept confidential by the Peoples’ Inquiry Advocate you have spoken to.

Consent to Publish

How would you like your testimony to be shared? ALL Submissions will be shared with our panel of Commissioners at The Hearing. However, only those Submissions where permission has been granted will be published in the archive on our website after The Hearing.

Thank you for sharing your story. We will be in touch.

Need to Talk?

Go to our Support and Advocacy page for support, information and advice.

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