The People’s Inquiry 2020 is accepting Written Submissions in the three key areas listed below. Please read and decide which key area your submission comes under.

You will then need to prepare your submission in a saved word or text document. Then along with any supporting documents or photos email it through to

If you would prefer to mail a hardcopy of your submission, you can send it to: PO BOX 192, Oneroa, Waiheke Is, Auckland 1840.

Once you have emailed through your submission (or posted it), you need to complete the relevant submission form to let us know how you would like your submission shared. The Inquiry Committee will collect all submissions and store them securely until they are shared with the panel of Commissioners, prior to the final Hearing. Where permission is given your submissions will be posted on the Public Submissions Page for public viewing once we have received them.

Harmed or Witness to Harm – for those negatively affected or harmed by toxic chemicals or poisons, and those wishing to give evidence about their own experiences or situations they have witnessed.

Scientists, Researchers and Other Experts – for scientists, researchers and other experts wishing to share their knowledge and expertise on the impacts and effects of toxic chemicals and poisons on the people, wildlife or environment.

Non-Toxic Alternatives and Solutions – for those working with, or wishing to present, non-toxic solutions and alternatives to toxic chemicals and poisons in use.

See the pdf. Submission Guide here which can be downloaded for more information.

Thank you for sharing your experience or personal story with this Inquiry.

Not Sure?
If you are unsure, or feel your submission does not easily fit into one of the above
categories, please use this contact form to get in touch with us, and we will get
back to you.

Support and Advocacy
Need to talk? Find out here who you can contact for support. Whether it be moral and
emotional support or advice and information, there are support networks available to
you. Remember you are never alone, there are always people here ready to help.

Giving Oral Testimony at the Hearing
In addition to giving your written submission, there will also be an opportunity for you
to give oral testimony at the PI2020-2021 Public Online Hearing to our Panel of Independent Commissioners.

Sharing your Story on Film
There may be an opportunity to record your story on film with one of our team. Have
look at some of the stories shared so far on our Stories on Film Page. To register your
interest in sharing your story on film, please get in touch via our contact form.

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